Entrepreneurs and small and medium business owners become one of the drivers of economic growth. Evidently, In the United States (US), SMEs are able to open 8 million new job vacancies in the last 25 years. Unfortunately, there are not many entrepreneurs and SME owners who can expand the business until large. There are many mistakes usually faced by these entrepreneurs in developing their business. Visit our website and find a 90 day year program from Todd Herman to help you get your business going.

One hiring employee is one of them. The existence of a team is very important in a business. A good team is a team that supports each other. But unfortunately, many entrepreneurs who mistakenly attract employees so instead of pushing the business more advanced instead of just the opposite, the business is not developed. In research conducted by Robert Half International, business owners typically spend 17 percent of their time and energy in a week to manage employees who perform poorly. It is very tiring.