Tighten Miss V With Exercises

Getting the vagina may be one of the things a wife wants to do after childbirth. Naturally, when women give birth normally, her female muscles will relax to facilitate the baby out. Especially if the birth distance between one child and the other very close, resulting in miss v muscles less and less elastic anymore. Find out v tight reviews on our website.

Muscles that relax the vagina will certainly make the relationship husband and wife is not the first night. This is caused by the power of the grip of the vaginal muscles that have decreased. The nights are even blander because there are no longer intimate moments with her beloved husband. Well, you do not want to experience anything like that, do you? Therefore, let’s immediately do the handling for the vagina back tight and tight as before.

Instead of surgery, there is still a natural way to close the vagina is cheaper and easier. Want to know? Here are some natural ways to seal the loose female intimate organ without drugs, namely Kegel Gymnastics

Kegel gymnastics is one of the most common and easy ways to get Miss V closing together. You do not need to do a lot of movement and spend extra energy, like aerobic exercise. In fact, you can do it on the bed. Easy, is not it? Learn yuk, the steps below.

– Recognise the location of the pelvic floor muscles. The essence of Kegel exercises is contracting your lower pelvic floor muscles. So, you must first identify the location of the pelvic floor. To identify it, you just try to hold the urine out while urinating. The muscle you use to hold the art is what is called the pelvic floor.

– Once you recognise the location of the pelvic floor muscles, then you start Kegel exercises. However, do not forget to empty the bladder first, because holding urine too often can even cause urinary tract infections.

– Start contracting your lower pelvic floor muscles. For the first exercise, try holding for 5 seconds. Repeat this step up to 5 times, with longer hold time.

– When doing Kegel exercises, keep breathing as usual so you can hold your pelvic floor down longer.

– For further exercises, do Kegel exercises for three sessions a day on a regular basis. In each session, repeat the gymnastic movement ten times.